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"Our daughter always did well in school, but never loved it. Once she entered middle school, I could see that school was turning her off of learning instead of onto it. I knew we had to do something to keep that spark alive."
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Talk with Eileen or Alexis

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Find a time to visit

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Who Is It For?


Young people of diverse backgrounds find BLC a welcome change from their school experiences. Some of our teens…

  • got straight A’s in school, but felt bored or unchallenged.
  • had learning differences that their schools were not able to fully address.
  • wanted a more flexible learning environment.
  • had passions they wanted to pursue but felt that school took up too much of their time.
  • felt lost within the social scene at school or were bullied.
  • found the structure and values of traditional school confining.
  • are long-standing homeschooling teens who wanted daily peer interaction.

The common thread for all BLC members is a belief that their lives can get better in a supportive community outside of school. The staff at BLC helps teens and their families to transition into a new life on their own terms and for their own purposes.

The Joining Process

  1. Talk with Eileen — she will answer your initial questions about BLC and find a time for an in-person chat. Feel free to be in touch even if you are not sure about BLC. If we are not the best fit, our staff can help direct you to educational options that better suit your family’s needs.
  2. Find a time to visit—after the initial conversation, we’ll invite your teen to spend a day at BLC, offering a chance to meet the other members and staff and to get a sense of how BLC works.
  3. Fill out our applicationif your family and child feel that BLC is a good fit, the next step is to fill out our Member Application.
  4. Hear back—if space is available and we feel BLC is a good fit, we will offer a membership spot. If BLC is currently full, your family can look into joining Princeton Learning Cooperative, Raritan Learning Cooperative or be added to BLC’s waiting list.

When teens join BLC, the aim is to help them create lives and educational experiences they can be excited about. Members are matched with a staff mentor who helps them to settle in at BLC and find opportunities to learn and grow based on their interests and goals. Read more about how BLC works.

Eileen can help you figure out what could work for your child.

Give her a call.

Membership Fees

BLC is committed to being an economically diverse community. We work with families of all financial backgrounds and offer need-based fee reductions to make BLC widely accessible.

Our current full-year tuition is $14,400, pro-rated for members who join mid-year.

We accept applications and new members at any point in the year.