We provide support, guidance, opportunities and resources

Bucks Learning Cooperative supports teens to self-direct their learning. We provide a host of academic, non-academic and social supports to make the idea of leaving the traditional path and taking control of your own education a realistic option. Check out this video from our sister location in Princeton, NJ.

Our Approach

Mentoring offers direct Support for Teens and Families

  • Mentors

    The teen-mentor relationship is at the core of the BLC experience. Each of our teens is matched with a staff member with whom they have a weekly scheduled meeting.

  • Reflect

    Teens and mentors reflect on how the teen has been spending their time, challenges they’ve encountered, ideas for personal projects, anxieties and excitements, and just about any part of a teen’s experience.

  • Aspire

    Through ongoing conversation and planning, the mentor supports the teen and their family to start new chapters in their lives. With the help of their mentor and their parents, each teen envisions and begins to take steps toward their future goals.

  • Document

    Teens and mentors track progress towards goals, and facilitate connections with the wider world. By documenting the teen’s activities and classes through weekly notes and narrative transcripts, mentoring helps to pave the way to a teen’s future beyond their time at BLC, which often includes moving on to college.

Classes, tutorials, and trips

  • Hours

    BLC’s ordinary hours of operation are between the hours of 8:45 AM and 3:15 PM, four days per week (M, T, TH, F), September through June. On these days, BLC offers a wide variety of classes, tutorials, and trips. For more information about the kinds of classes and activities that happen at BLC, see our classes and activities page..

  • Interests

    Our classes represent the interests, needs, and passions of our current collection of members and staff. They range from traditional academic subjects like Biology and US History, to those off the beaten path like Architecture and Nature, to more hands-on and creative classes like Woodworking and Digital Photography.

  • Staff

    All classes and activities happen in small groups or individually. They’re led by the experienced professionals of the core staff, by PLC teens, and by work-study students, interns, and volunteers from the community.

  • Trips

    Fridays are reserved for trips and workshops. These are often suggested and planned by teen members with support from staff. They range from excursions to New York City, touring local businesses, skiing and cosmetics or graffiti art workshops.

Freedom and Flexibility

  • Homeschooling

    Learning is essential for leading a productive and happy life. To that end, the state of Pennsylvania requires young people to attend school through the age of seventeen. However, the compulsory attendance requirement can be met through the flexible mode of learning known as homeschooling.

  • Opportunities

    BLC helps families to become homeschooling families, which means that the family—and not a school—is responsible for the education of their teen. But homeschooling doesn’t have to mean parents teaching their children at home. Instead, it can be a family picking out a collection of opportunities and resources to enrich and build a life.

  • Support

    Many families, even when school is not working, feel they cannot take on the responsibility of directing their child’s education. BLC helps families to navigate self-directed learning, to access the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling—especially families that wouldn’t have considered it otherwise.

  • Control

    BLC is committed to helping teens flourish by providing them with opportunities and mentorship. We believe that given these conditions, teens will come to choose what is best for themselves. Because of this, BLC is a non-coercive environment. We do not require or mandate participation from members in any activity. BLC teens and their families are in charge of their lives and learning—we’re just here to support them.

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