where teens choose what, when, and how they learn.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Oct 18 – 7:30pm

Time to socialize at BLC! Come enjoy conversation, games, movies and more in our beautiful Langhorne space.

All are welcome to join in! Come meet our teen members and their families, as well as chat with staff about our program and get a tour of our facility.

Refreshments served.

For other information, call 215-512-0707 or email to info@buckslearningcooperative.org

Thursday, Oct 26th 8:30-10:00am
Bucks Learning Cooperative
315 W. Maple Avenue, Langhorne, PA

Do you know a teen who’s bored or frustrated with school? Who wants more out of life? Who’s looking for a welcoming community?

Come to our open house and meet our staff, members and parents! Find out how self-directed learning can help teens create the education they want now, while building a path towards college, career, entrepreneurship, vocation, travel and more.

Or call us any time for a private appointment.

RSVPs appreciated, but not required.